Bully 2’s New Leaks: Check the Second Image on the Map Online

Bully 2

From the pages of the Reddit forum, the user known as zuke2000 claims to have received a photo from an unspecified source that would contain a portion of the map of Bully 2 or of what, according to rumors circulated on the net in recent months, should be the next blockbuster of Rockstar Games.

The image offered to us by the Redditor is rather grainy and does not reveal further details on the project: the only considerations we can make on this photo are those concerning the strong similarities with the other photo leak of the map of Bully 2, an element that leads us to believe that the source (strictly anonymous) of these rumors is the same.

Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of these shots, on which the Reddit community itself has serious doubts, the growing number of rumors concerning Bully 2 cannot but feed the hopes of those who believe in the imminent announcement of the Canis Canem sequel Edit or even “only” of its remastered version.

As often happens in these circumstances, therefore, we invite you to take these rumors with due caution and to consider them as such, that is to say, assumptions based on indiscretions that may have no response in reality. In the hope of understanding as soon as possible what the real probabilities of this iconic Rockstar series’ return are , we invite you to read Gabriele Carollo’s in-depth information on what we would like to see in Bully 2, a title that, if it is really already in development , could see the light on PC, PS4, Xbox One and, why not, on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Another supposed photo of Bully 2 for our collection (read my comment below) from bully2