Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Alpha Participants Will Have to Re-Download the Client


At Gamescom, Activision announced a brief Alpha Test Multiplayer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare which was held exclusively on PlayStation 4 until August 25th. Those who have downloaded the Alpha client will have to make a new download to participate in the September Beta as well.

As specified by the developers, Alpha and Beta do not share the same installer and therefore will have to be downloaded and installed as two different products. The Alpha client already downloaded on PS4 will not allow access to the Beta and therefore it will be necessary to re-download the launcher as soon as it is available in mid-September.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta

PlayStation 4

  • From 12 to 13 September – Early access for pre-orders
  • From 14 to 23 September – Beta publishes

PS4, Xbox One, and PC

  • From 19 to 20 September – Early Access
  • From 21st to 23rd September – Open Beta

Remember that the Open Beta will support Cross-Play for the first time in the history of Call of Duty, this means that players will be able to enter the game regardless of the platform they own and play against users on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without limitations. Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be available in full version from October 25th on all the mentioned platforms.