Cyberpunk 2077: The Character Editor Will Not Include the Choice of Sex

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In the last few hours, new details have been released about the V creation system, the character controlled by the player and protagonist of CYberpunk 2077.

According to what CD Projekt RED has stated, compared to the editor of the character shown last year, this system has undergone a major change in the choice of the protagonist ‘s sex. It appears that there is no longer any entry to determine specifically whether it is a man or a woman, but only a series of options that will give shape to V.

Here are the words of the concept artist Marthe Jonkers :

“Compared to the last demo, the character creation menu now offers many more choices. For example, now it is no longer possible to select sex directly. There is no way to choose to be a man or a woman. you can do is select a type of body, so that you can feel free to create the character you want to dress in. You will then be given the opportunity to choose the type of body and two different items, one male and one female. create a real mix. “

“Our goal is not only to improve ourselves and create a pleasant game for everyone but also to ensure that everyone is at ease living this adventure.”

Jonkers also added that, compared to the previous demo, this time the options related to hair, tattoos, skin tones and other aspects of the protagonist have increased significantly, thus allowing an even deeper level of customization.

We remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting next April 16, 2019, on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC (Epic Games Store, Steam and GOG).

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