Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: The Entire Majin BU Saga Will Be Present in the Game


There are still many questions that fans waiting for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot have not yet received an answer. However, it seems that the developers are slowly unbuttoning themselves, for example by providing new details on the stories we can relive in the course of the adventure.

In addition to having revealed the presence of the Saga of Cell and the Androids, Bandai Namco has officially announced that in the story mode we will also face the terrible Majin Buu in all its versions. This, therefore, suggests that no cuts were made to the campaign, which should have respectable longevity and cover the entire narrative span from the invasion of the Saiyans to the defeat of Super Bu with the Gendikama Sphere, whose scene in the anime he has touched an entire generation.

We remind you that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot does not currently have a release date and should arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC during the first months of next year.

Have you already seen the new 4K video game of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that we recorded at GamesCom 2019? Furthermore, according to the latest developer statements, it will be possible to drive the car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot even outside of the entertaining episode starring Piccolo.