Football Manager 2020 for Google Stadia Will Be the Most Powerful Version of the Lot

Football Manager 2020

A little while ago, SEGA and Sports Interactive announced Football Manager 2020 for PC, Mac, and Google Stadia, in addition to the Touch versions for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Switch, and Mobile for iOS and Android.

The release of all editions is set for the beginning of November. The only exceptions are Football Manager 2020 Touch for Switch, scheduled for the end of November, and the Stadia version, still without a release date. Google’s cloud gaming service, for its part, will debut in November.

On the sidelines of the announcement, Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, was able to talk about the Stadia version of the management, which apparently will be the most powerful of the lot : “Football Manager on Stadia includes a technology available only on this platform and will use the power of Google’s cloud and data centers to ensure that more games can be processed in parallel using the reserved bandwidth in the entire system – this means that you can have more leagues loaded into your save or you can simply immerse yourself in a faster experience keeping the same amount of league but making sure that the games proceed faster than you can on any other platform “ .

What do you think? Will these improvements be sufficient to encourage you to purchase Football Manager 2020 on Google Stadia?