Fortnite Season 10: the new leak reveals the return of Kevin the Purple Cube!


Based on the latest leak shared on the net by Fortnite Battle Royale data miner, Kevin the Purple Cube is about to make his glorious return to the island of the most famous and played a free shooter on the planet.

Among the most hidden files of the last Fortnite update, in fact, amateur programmers who delight in datamining claim to have traced a loading screen that would reveal, in fact, the return of that kink of Kevin in the colourful universe of free to play Epic Games.

As we can easily guess by admiring the screen leaked on the net, the reappearance of the Purple Cube on the Fortnite map will determine yet another distortion of the island’s quadrants affected by Kevin ‘s appearance. We do not know, however, whether the return of Fortnite’s Purple Cube will coincide or not with the launch of a new event.