Fortnite X Mayhem: Guide to the Location of the Stock Symbols


Are you having trouble finding Borderlands vault logos on the Fortnite Battle Royal map? No problem, in this guide we will help you find all 3 stock symbols needed to complete the new challenge involving the Pandora area.

In total, there are 5 stock symbols on the map, but you will only need to find 3 to complete the challenge of the event.

Here is the position of the symbols :

  1. The first symbol is located south of Palmeto Paradisiaco, at the bus stop near the huge dinosaur-shaped statues
  2. On the left side of the gate of the bandits camp at the south end of the map
  3. To the north-west of the small stretch of water between the Lethal Land, Heavenly Palm Grove and Adventurous Landing. The symbol is on a container
  4. On a billboard, at the entrance of the desert area between Approdo Ventura a Lali Letali
  5. In the camp of bandits south of the water of point 3. The symbol is on a metal hatch in the northwest of the field

To make your search easier, at the bottom of the guide you can find a map showing all the symbol positions.

We remind you that the Psycho bundle, containing the skin of the iconic enemy of looter shooter and Claptrap as a decorative back, is currently on sale in the Fortnite object-store.