Gears 5 and free roaming: it will be possible to explore the open world of Sera with the Skiff

Gears 5 and free roaming

In a fruitful exchange of views with the Gears of War fans who spoke on the Twitter profile pages of The Coalition, the head of the software house that is developing Gears 5, Rod Fergusson, confirms the presence of a free-roaming component in his next shooter for PC and Xbox One.

In updating his fans on the stage of development of Gears 5, Fergusson returned to show an image dedicated to the Skiff, the singular means of transport glimpsed in the cinematic video of Gears 5 from E3 2018.

The shot has thus sparked the curiosity of the users and pushed the boss of The Coalition to answer the questions asked by the fans, suggesting that yes, the Skiff will be different from any other vehicle used in the past Gears of War and will allow us to freely explore the world in the evening. In the course of the adventure, based on information shared by the US subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios, we will be able to “sail between glaciers, arid deserts and mysterious ruins in the largest evening map ever created for a game of Gears of War”.

To understand how far the authors of The Coalition will go in integrating the open-world elements in the canonical linear structure of the Gears of War shooter series missions, therefore, we just have to be patient until the release of Gears 5, scheduled for September 13 on PC and Xbox One.