League of Legends: eSport and Entertainment, a Look to the Future

League of legends eSport

The boss of the team that takes care of the substantial export part of Riot Games, John Needham, has revealed what will be the competitive future of League of Legends. The MOBA Riot Games has long been a pioneer for the birth and development of national and international competitive scenes.

Championships such as the LCS, the LPL, the brand new LEC are well-established championships and supported by thousands of fans from all over the world. Needham has revealed that Riot, for the coming seasons, also wants to focus on the most entertainment-focused part.

This means that the giant will certainly focus on attracting the public and new players by promoting more live events and new experiences.

” We will stop at nothing to ensure that the world recognizes that League of Legends is the most important brand in the world for export, sport, and entertainment “. ” In 2020 we will reach fans in every corner of the globe, support our growing regional championships and organize the largest and most innovative live eSport events the world has ever seen. “

John Needham, therefore, plans to give priority to entertainment, not to mention that Riot can already count on endemic sponsors and not like Coca-Cola, Honda, Nike.

We already had an appetizer of the vision of the giant owned by Tencent at the Worlds 2018 when the “virtual” group K / DA became a global phenomenon.

” We will continue to invest in order to offer memorable experiences for our community. We will do so by focusing on programs that will entertain long-time viewers and will also attract new fans without territorial limits .”

The rebirth of Western organizations has also contributed to increasing the interest also of regions with a less winning tradition. If you remember, G2 Esports, Fnatic and Cloud9 all ended up in the Top 4 at last year’s World Cup.

For League of Legends, in short, the future (rosy?) Seems to have already been traced.