Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: New Images Show Us Cyclops, Colossus and Other Free DLCs

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: New Image

Despite the arrival of numerous paid expansions, the owners of Marvel the Great Alliance 3: The Black Order will also have access to some substantial free updates like the one coming this week, in which there will be additional characters and extra costumes.

Next Friday 30 August 2019, in fact, anyone with a copy of the game on Nintendo Switch will be able to download a patch for free that will not limit the defects of the game but will also introduce some additional content. Among the main new features, we find Ciclope and Colosso, two of the X-Men that will be added to the already rich title roster. The free content does not end here, however, and, to the delight of comic book fans, you will also find in the update the Symbiont costume from Spider-Man, Hulk in the Planet Hulk version and the Ms. Marvel costume to wear for Captain Marvel.

We remind you instead that the first paid expansion of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, dedicated to Marvel Knights, will arrive on September 30, 2019, and will add to the playable characters also Blade, Moon Knight, The Punisher and Morbius as well as extra modes.