Pokemon Go: Mesprit Protagonist of the Legendary Hour of August 28th

Pokemon Go: Mesprit

Pokemon GO events continue: Niantic Labs has announced that today, Wednesday, August 28, the new Legendary Hour will be held, starring Mesprit, the fourth generation Legendary Pokemon.

Between 18:00 and 19:00 (GMT +2) today, Mesprit will appear in free raids and coaches will be able to try to capture this rare Pokemon. We also remember that until August 30 the Pokemon GO Water Festival dedicated to Pokemon of this type is active, such as Vaporeon, Blastoise and Lapras, as well as allowing to find the color variants of Carvanha and Barboach.

In September, instead, the fifth generation Pokemon will make their debut with Pokemon Black and White Pokemon in 2008. From September 16 Pokemon GO will be enriched with creatures of the Unima Region, at the moment we do not know what will be the first creatures to make their appearance in the game.

As always, summer is confirmed as the richest season for Pokemon GO, which celebrates its third birthday this year with lots of news, although the numbers are not as high as those recorded at launch, the Niantic Labs game continues to be a great success. all over the world, with tens of millions of coaches still regularly active in the field.