Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Will Tracer by Overwatch Be the Next Additional Fighter?


In the last few hours, the appearance of some Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch accessories is lighting up the fans, for many a first sign of the arrival of the shooter on the hybrid console.

In addition to the presence on the Amazon price list of the object officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard, we also find a possible leak appeared on 4Chan, according to which the Grande N will announce on 12 September 2019 an additional character of Super Smash Bros Ultimate female, whose identity will confuse many enthusiasts. According to some fans, it is Tracer, one of Overwatch’s most popular heroines that could be added to the rich roster of the fighting game. This message does not make precise references to the Blizzard shooter but, having been published a few days ago, it could have its own connection with the rumors on the possible Switch version of the game.

It should be noted that these are simple speculations that could prove to be completely false. We will, therefore, have to wait a few more weeks to find out whether it is actually boiling something in the pot after all, Blizzard and Nintendo have already collaborated to bring the third chapter of Diablo to the hybrid console.

Speaking of Overwatch, did you know that Sigma has been available on PC and console for a few days?