The Last Guardian: Trico on ps3 Had More Animations Than the Final Version on ps4

The Last Guardian

As you will surely remember, the development of The Last Guardian has been long and troubled, also due to the abandonment of Sony by Ueda, which has nevertheless kept the reins of the project from “separated at home”. Started on PlayStation 3 back in 2007, the work continued on PlayStation 4 until its 2016 launch.

In a recent interview, the talented Japanese game designer revealed some background on the creation of Trico, which accompanies the protagonist throughout the adventure. Apparently, on PlayStation 3 the creature could boast a greater number of animations: “The Trico we were shaping on PlayStation 3 had a greater number of movement patterns than the version appeared on PlayStation 4, but we could not transfer them all due to the limited time available during the transition “.

Ueda also does not seem to be completely satisfied with the artificial intelligence exhibited by the creature in the final version of the game: “I wish I could improve Trico’s artificial intelligence with online update. I had many ideas about how Trico could provide clues about a puzzle too complicated, or how his behavior could have changed for the players who completed the game. Even these ideas were not implemented because of the time “.

The Last Guardian, we remember, is available for purchase exclusively on PlayStation 4. Fumito Ueda, on the other hand, is working on a new mysterious game.