The Last of Us 2: Gameplay Shown Behind Closed Doors to Gamestop Managers

The Last of Us 2: Naughty Dog Is Looking for Staff to Complete Their Development

While we mere mortals are still waiting for new information from Sony about The Last of Us 2, it seems that some lucky Gamestop managers saw the game moving during a closed-door presentation.

Among the people who watched the gameplay video at the GME Conference 2019, there was probably also the insider Gaming Forte, who published numerous photos and information on the title. According to the statement by the insider, the presentation was completely different from the demo shown at E3 2018 and, this time, it was all focused on stealth. It seems that Ellie, the protagonist, can take advantage of the Clickersto remain unnoticed, but there are no precise details on the actions shown on the screen. According to Gaming Forte, it is also difficult to determine whether the technology sector has undergone improvements since the last time it was shown, but it seems rather certain that the kind of settings, poorly lit, can give their best on a panel with HDR support.

Finally, the photo showing the presence on stage of Troy Baker, the famous voice actor who lent his voice to Joel, is very interesting. It is therefore not to be excluded that the old protagonist was shown on this occasion, even if in the insider’s tweets there is no reference to the character.

We remind you that, according to some recent rumors, a new State of Play will be held next November 2019 during which the release date of The Last of Us 2 will finally be announced. Have you already seen all the shots starring Ellie’s wonderful cosplay by KeyVei?