The Last of Us Part 2: unveiled the release date of the game Naughty Dog?

the last of us 2

Meanwhile, fans around the world shudder at the idea of ​​going back to admiring the game in action, during the last night, Naughty Dog showed a new gameplay video of The Last of Us Part II that they were able to attend GameStop manager.

In the hopeful expectation that Sony will publicly show the new gameplay , focused on the stealth phases and on the feared clickers, the well-known insider and market analyst Daniel Ahmad (also known as ZhugeEX), may have unveiled in advance the launch date of the highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive.

Commenting on the chirping of “colleague” Nibel who reported the aforementioned news, Ahmad left our free interpretation a short figure apparently meaningless, or ” 41750 “. A particularly shrewd user has reported these numbers on Excel formatting them as a date, thus obtaining ” April 21 ” as a result . Is this really the launch date for The Last of Us Part II ? Daniel Ahmad has often turned out to be a source he can rely on, but as usual we invite you to take the news with due caution while waiting for Naughty Dog and Sony to express themselves officially.

According to other rumors that emerged online in the previous weeks, a new State of Play will be held during the month of November, and it will be on this occasion that we will know more about it.