The Surge 2: the latest video diary describes the novelties of the combat system


With eyes still on the splendid gameplay scenes of the video game The Surge 2, we return to explore the sci-fi universe of the upcoming Deck13 Interactive roleplaying action, admiring the new video diary of German authors focusing on their ambitious combat system soulslike.

Determined to defeat his opponents, the hero we will interpret will leverage on his spirit of revenge and the experience gained in the original adventure to exponentially expand his range of attacks, moves and abilities.

To want to pay attention to this trailer, and to the many video demonstrations offered to us in recent months by the authors of Deck13, thanks to the introduction of these new attacks, the dynamics of dismemberment and a system dedicated to the customization of equipment, we will be able to approach the challenges of the title adopting multiple strategies and tactics.

The cybernetic demons of Jericho City await us for the launch of The Surge 2, scheduled for the now not too distant 24 September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, in a version strictly without the Denuvo DRM, on PC. Meanwhile, those wishing to prepare for the battle can deepen their knowledge of the enemies, settings and soulslike dynamics of the last roleplaying work on Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive by reading Alessandro Bruni’s special with the test of The Surge 2 by Gamescom of Cologne.