Will Xbox Scarlett Succeed in Japan? the Opinion of Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft

The Price of the Xbox Scarlett Will Be Announced Soon, Promises Microsoft

Speaking to the twins of Twinfinite colleagues, Aaron Greenberg, head of the marketing department at Microsoft Xbox, discussed the potential success that Project Scarlett will be able to find in Japan.

The Land of the Rising Sun has historically represented a not particularly fertile ground for the Microsoft consoles , but the Redmond company, under the aegis of Phil Spencer (who had also shown a willingness to acquire or open a studio located in Japan), has sought in recent times to expand its influence in the East. So will Xbox finally win over Japanese users with Scarlett’s arrival? This is Greenberg’s opinion on this:

“Maybe. It’s hard to say. We have had a lot of success in Japan with Minecraft. We will bring a very powerful platform and a large content library. I think we get much more support from the Japanese market than before. All these aspects are in our favor, but I always go cautious when it comes to raising expectations or making certain statements.

I have a deep respect for the Japanese market and their tastes. We’ll see. They will decide. We definitely want to support the market, we will see what consumers have to say and we will listen to their feedback. “

In the same interview, Greenberg stated that after Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest there will be no other Xbox games that will land on other shores: the company’s first-party studios are completely focused on developing titles exclusively for Microsoft platforms.