World of Warcraft Classic Is so Crowded That You Have to Queue to Finish the Quests

WOW Classic

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic turned out to be so successful that it succeeded in breaking new records at Twitch and creating a lot of headaches for the first-hour players.

In fact, buyers found themselves having to wait a long time before they could get in, due to the inability of the servers to be able to host all of them at the same time. The really funny thing is that the players found themselves queuing even during the actual gameplay. As it is possible to verify from the numerous testimonies appeared on the net, at present it is necessary to wait even just to kill bosses like Garrick, Padfoot or rare creatures. However, what seems to be a really irritating situation (for many, probably, it really is), has become a source of hilarity for the patient and organized players of the World of Warcraft community, which are being politely arranged in a row around the realms of the MMORPG. It doesn’t happen every day to see queues so organized, certainly not in post offices and in front of a ticket office! Judge for yourself by looking at the images collected at the bottom of this news.

World of Warcraft Classic, we remember, is accessible to all World of Warcraft subscribers. The monthly subscription costs 12.99 euros, but discounts are available for those who choose to buy 3-month packages (35.97 euros instead of 38.97 euros) or 6 months (65.94 euros instead of 77.94 euros).