10 Years of Batman Arkham Asylum: Prime 1 Announces the Beautiful Statue of the Dark Knight

10 Years of Batman Arkham Asylum

The artists of Prime 1 Studio celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of Batman Arkham Asylum by officially presenting a new, spectacular action figure starring the Dark Knight of the Rocksteady videogame trilogy.

The statue of the Batman Arkham series created by Prime 1 shows the hero of the Warner Bros. action epic Interactive Entertainment with the features of the Arkham City Batman, the highest-rated chapter in the entire Rocksteady series and related spin-off prologues Origins and Origins Blackgate.

As for the action figures of Prime 1 Studio dedicated to Kratos and Baldur of God of War , this time too the statue that celebrates the tenth birthday of Arkham Asylum and, consequently, of the Batman Arkham saga will boast an excellent build quality and simply titanic dimensions , in 1:5 scale for a total height of 54.7 cm .

The action figure of the Dark Knight rests on a base inspired by the Gothic architecture of the Arkham criminal asylum and presents several interchangeable parts for the hands, arms and equipment items held like the grappling hook. The Exclusive Version of the statue will also include a Batarang and a “bad pose”. The Prime 1 artwork will be launched between August and December of 2020 in a limited and numbered edition: the pre-orders should already be active to allow fans to buy the Standard Version for $449and the Exclusive Version for $499.