Astral Chain Developed in Five Years: Originally It Had Three Twins and Monsters to Capture

The Astral Chain Gameplay Is in the Nier Style: Automata and Bayonetta!

Astral Chain was revealed by Nintendo a little surprisingly, only a few months before its market debut. The work on the title, however, started even before the development of NieR: Automata.

In an interview given to the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Director Takahisa Taura, Supervisor Hideki Kamiya, and Producer Eijiro Nishimura unveiled some background on the genesis of the title. Platinum Games had already made it known in the past of how, originally, a fantasy setting was envisaged for Astral Chain: an approach subsequently modified by the team, also following comparison with the Kyoto House.

Now, we discover some further background on the birth of this new IP, which has already received a warm welcome from the critics. The Platinum Games team says that the game has been in development at the software house studios for about five years. From the design phase to the completion of the game, many of the original plans have been modified. Among these, those related to the protagonists: these, in fact, had to be three twins, but it was subsequently chosen to opt for a different concept, choosing to have only two twin brothers. Furthermore, Platinum planned to introduce a large number of monsters to capture in the game, but Nintendo’s advice led to a review of the plans. The choice to focus on the active component and the gameplay meant that the five Legions we know today were born.