Biomutant: Experiment 101 Reveals the Small Number of Developers Working on the RPG Action


Back from Cologne with the new video game BioMutant from Gamescom, Experiment 101’s high level congratulate its authors for the work done on this original open-world THQ Nordic role-playing action and unveil, by doing so, the small number of people involved in the project.

To reveal this interesting anecdote is Stefan Ljungqvist: the creative and artistic director of Experiment 101 explained to GameReactor microphones that “it was a very long and interesting year, but it is not finished yet. We are trying to work very hard, we are a small team of only 20 members and we stick to that number, but I want to clarify that we are 20 good people”.

According to Ljungqvist, consequently, all we could see in BioMutant’s trailers would be the result of the work of only twenty people, including developers, designers, programmers and authors of the plot. So, if you want to pay attention to the creative director of Experiment 101, then, it is not surprising that the efforts made by your kids are concentrating, in this delicate pre-launch phase, on “perfecting and optimizing content and functionality which we have because we really have many in this game “ .

In giving you every consideration or further reflection on Ljungqvist’s statements, we remind you that the mutant warrior of BioMutant should officially go into action on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the end of 2019.