COD: Modern Warfare 2The “Niente Russo” Mission Created Contrasts in Infinity Ward

COD: Modern Warfare 2

After all these years, and although numerous chapters of the series have followed one another, one of the scenes that most impressed in the minds of Call of Duty fans, is certainly the one present in the famous ” Niente Russo ” mission of COD Modern Warfare 2, a title dating back to 2009.

The game sequence caused a lot of discussions as the player was called to exterminate in a merciless way a multitude of civilians inside an airport to gain the trust of the group of Russian terrorists headed by Vladimir Makarov. Since beta testing, some players have expressed their concerns, while others are completely reluctant to take part in the mission.

To tell us some background on the matter, here are some statements by Infinity Wardissued to Game colleagues. Apparently, “Niente Russo” managed to create contrasts within the company itself:

Nothing Russo has polarized the study, “ said lead artist Joel Emslie. “Some of us believed that it would be right to play the mission as a security guard, while others agreed with the road already taken. I remember creating all the civilians for No Russian, and I didn’t want … C “It was a time when we were discussing how far we would go with the people who were being hit. I pulled back and said,” We don’t need it

Emslie later revealed that he had shown the scene to his wife who, surprised by a certain inconsistency present in the sequence, replied: ” Where are the blood and the gore? . In the end, the artist was convinced to definitively modify the scene and bring it to the levels of violence we know today (and which unfortunately are often the object of exploitation). And do you remember the scene in question? What feelings did you get from playing it? Let us know your opinion in the comments. 

We recall that the new episode of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare sub-series, scheduled for October 25, 2019, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, will soon arrive and close to its next Beta phase.