Critically Acclaimed Astral Chain: A Look at the Votes on Metacritic

The Astral Chain Gameplay Is in the Nier Style: Automata and Bayonetta!

Now approaching publication on Nintendo Switch, Astral Chain has been the subject of evaluation by international videogame critics, which seems to have been conquered.

On Metacritic, a well-known portal for aggregating evaluations, the new IP signed by Platinum Games currently holds a total rating of 88/100, net of 52 reviews. At the time of writing, none of these is negative and only one, which attributes a vote of 65/100, is classified by the platform as a ” mixed evaluation “. This is followed by a single vote of less than 80/100, with all the remaining fifty reviews settling on a judgment equal to or greater than the latter. Astral Chain also obtains a significant number of votes equal to or greater than 90/100Specifically, we are now talking about more than twenty-five reviews. A few days after the arrival of the game on the market, the opinion of the critics seems therefore rather unanimous in welcoming this new IP with warmth!

The Platinum Games game will debut exclusively on Nintendo Switch next Friday, August 30th. To deceive the wait that separates you from the release you can take a look at the spectacular launch trailer for Astral Chain.