CS: Go, Peak of Popularity in August for Valve’s Eternal FPS


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive touched, seven years after its arrival on Steam, a new peak of users. The figures reported are relative to August 2019 and denote a renewed interest in the FPS Valve.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive touched an average traffic of 402,524 players this month, surpassing the previous positive figure of February 2017.

This was a real surprise since the game has historically experienced a collapse of the active user base during the summer months, while the maximum is between December and January.

CS: GO is considered one of the most popular FPS ever, as well as one of the few truly competitive titles with a stratified export circuit all over the world, able to move not only millions of dollars in prize pools but also millions of fans. Every single live event is an unforgettable show: we have tried to enclose its beauty in an article dedicated to the Katowice IEM.

Even in our country the title is followed and played despite the preference of players for other genres: for example, the Italian ESL championship hosts the best eight national organizations, which will compete at the Games Week at the end of September. The game, if you remember, switched to a ” free to play ” business model last December (we skip the Battle Royale mode ), which may have attracted a completely new and interesting player base not only to play but also to watch professionals in action.