DARQ: Question and Answer Between the Author and Tim Sweeney for the Exclusive on Epic Games Store


The rejection of the DARQ authors at the exclusive Epic Store Store has unleashed an unexpected media dust. The boss of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, decides to respond to the author of the dark-colored platform by Unfold Games.

Through the pages of his Twitter profile, Sweeney explains that he and his team are “happy to see that DARQ has had this success because it is a great game that deserves this kind of welcome. That’s why we contacted its authors to explore the ‘the possibility of landing exclusively on Epic Store”.

Addressing the founder of Epic Games directly, the mind behind the DARQ project , Wlad Marhulets, replied that “I am happy to hear it, Tim, if you change your mind and accept that DARQ will arrive in your store in a non-exclusive way, I will donate 100% of my income from the Epic Games Store to a charity. If you accept, the choice of the charitable organization receiving the donation could be chosen directly by the community”.

In expressly citing the option of non-exclusive launch on the Epic Store, the author of DARQ touches the sore point of the entire strategy pursued by Tim Sweeney and the leaders of Epic to contribute to the affirmation of their store on the competition represented by Steam.

In addition to Wlad Marhulets and his DARQ, on the other hand, there are already many developers who have publicly expressed their discomfort in having to abide by the rule that requires them to abandon other digital stores before landing on Epic Store.