Fortnite 10: guide to all Catastrophic time missions of Week 5

fortnite time mission

Also this week Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s free time challenges are back, particularly useful for those who want to get some additional stars to level up in the seasonal pass.

Here are the challenges, which will be offered to players 24 hours apart:

Inflict damage on opponents with a pick (0/100)

This is one of the challenges that are regularly repeated in the Epic Games battle royale and there are basically two different methods to complete it. The first is to play Solo mode, land in a crowded place and attack unarmed players. The other one, instead, consists in starting a team squad game and running towards the players unaware of your presence to give it a few shots. Usually at the edges of the map there is always some inactive player, you could take the opportunity to complete the challenge immediately.

Eliminations from a distance of at least 50 meters (0/3)

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is eliminate opponents from a medium-high distance. If the sniper rifles just don’t do it then and you can’t complete the challenge in classic modes, you can always take advantage of the Team Brawl and hope to find an assault rifle with a viewfinder to kill some idle or distracted player in the distance.

Use traps in different games (0/3)

This is perhaps the simplest challenge among those proposed in Week 5. It will be enough to use an object of the trap slot in three different games and the game is done. In addition to the traps, comfortable bonfires and springboards are also worthy of the challenge, which can often be found in air supplies.

Positioned in the Top 5 in pairs or teams mode (0/1)

To accomplish this challenge you will have to get at least fifths in pairs or teams mode. If you are not particularly skilled and find it very difficult to reach the final stages of a game, we advise you to set the matchmaking on “do not fill” (in this way you will not find any mates), start a game in team mode and hide in a bush in the central part of the map until the number of players drops dramatically (under 10 for couples, under 20 for teams).

Inflict damage on opponents from above (0/500)

Completing this challenge is very simple, since it is enough to reach an elevated place and damage the enemies below you. Get yourself a weapon with a viewfinder and in the final stages of a Team Brawl match it will be child’s play to complete the challenge.

Visit to the Retreat Retreat and the Languid Lagoon in a single game (0/2)

Just like in all the other challenges of this type, you will have to visit both places indicated in a single game. The advice is to get a vehicle like snowboard to move quickly and escape any enemies that may be present on your path. To make the challenge as simple as possible, you can always activate group assistance with a friend, so that everyone lands on one of the two places. Doing so will complete the mission in a matter of seconds.

Search for chests with Condotti Confusi or Montagnole Maledette (0/7)

For this mission there are no particular indications or tips to give. Simply land at Confotti or Montagnole Maledette and open as many chests as you can. If you want to act undisturbed, you can do it in Team Squad mode, where more remote areas like Montagnole Maledette are ignored by players.

Once you have completed at least three challenges and unlocked the secret loading screen, you can go and retrieve the Secret Week 5 Star, which is useful for getting an extra level of the Season 10 Battle Pass.