Fortnite 10: How to Complete All Weeks Breaker 5 Missions


Also, this Thursday the Fortnite Battaglia Reale missions have been updated to accommodate the challenges of Week 5, entitled Blockbuster. In this guide, we will help you complete them all without any particular problems.

Here are the missions and our tips to complete them as quickly as possible:

Trench Shooter

Land in Muffito Warehouse and then visit the Meteora in a single game (0/1)

This is a very simple challenge and, to complete it, you just need to land in the Lethal lands and then reach the Meteora. Should you encounter any difficulties, we advise you to complete the challenge in Team Squad mode, where any enemies will not stop you due to the possibility of returning to the game.

Collect materials at the District (0/300)

Also, in this case, the completion of the challenge is quite simple, since all that is required is to land in the District and collect materials. Destroy anything that gets in front of pickaxes and you should be able to complete this mission in no time.

Land on a Manor for Falling Heroes and an Abandoned Criminal Shelter (0/1)

To be able to complete this challenge you will have to land in two different places on the map and, fortunately, you will not have to do it in a single game. If you need help, on our pages you will find the guide to the position of the villa of the heroes and the hideout of the villains.

Inflict damage to opponents in a low gravity area (0/250)

To complete this mission we advise you to land immediately at Sponde del Sacaggio, collect any weapon and attack your opponents around. You will not necessarily have to eliminate the enemies, so it will be enough to do him a lot of damage.

Search between a camera in a basement, a snowy stone head and a gilded truck (0/1)

Just like all the other challenges of this type, to be able to complete it you will not have to do anything but reach a specific point on the map. On our pages, you will find a practical guide on the site located between a basement, a stone head and a gilded truck.

Consume fruit, mushrooms or objects with glitches (0/10)

This challenge should not give you particular problems and, to complete it, we advise you to focus mainly on mushrooms. In fact, you will be more likely to run out of shields that are short of life in the early stages of a game and you can eat 10 mushrooms all in one go by going to the area between Spiagge Snob, Montagnole Maledette and Parco Pacifico.

Interact with vending machines in different games (0/3)

This mission requires nothing more than interacting with a vending machine in different games. If you have difficulty finding them, you can take a look at our Fortnite vending machine map, which will help you find them quickly.

Prestigio Cleaver Missions

Eliminations in Magazzino Muffito or on the Meteora (0/3)

To complete this challenge you will have to eliminate 3 opponents in one of these two areas. You don’t have to perform the 3 kills in one game, so try several times to land in one of these places until you succeed in coming out victorious. In case of difficulty, you can always make an attempt with the Team Brawl, hoping that the circle closes right on Magazzino Muffito.

Look for chests or boxes of ammunition in the District (0/7)

Completing this challenge should not be very demanding, as the District is always a very rich area of both chests and boxes of ammunition. Land there and collect everything in front of you.

Search for chests in the Manor for Falling Heroes and in the Abandoned Criminal Shelter (0/7)

For this mission, we advise you to take a look once again at the guide on the position of the villa of heroes and the hideout of villains, so as to know exactly where to land and look for chests to open.

Inflict damage with explosive weapons (0/500)

The quickest way to complete this quest is to start a game in Squadron Squad mode, search for a grenade launcher or rocket launcher and start eliminating as many enemies as possible. This kind of weapon is often present in aircraft supply cases, so keep an eye on them and try to collect their contents before others do.

Search between a rotary phone, a fork with a knife and a house on the hill covered with posters of Omega and Carbide (0/1)

Also, in this case, you will have to go to a specific point on the map. If you have no idea where these objects are, on our pages you will find the point between a phone, a fork and a house on the hill covered with Omega and Carbide posters.

Consume fruit, mushrooms or objects with glitches in a single game (0/8)

The advice to complete this mission is the same as we gave you before. Go to the area located between Snob Beaches, Montagnole Maledette and Parco Pacifico to collect 8 different mushrooms.

Collect materials in the Neighborhood or Warehouse Muffito in a single batch (0/300)

In this case, it is a challenge very similar to the one seen above with the only difference that, in this case, you will have to get the materials in a single game. The best way to complete this mission is to land as quickly as possible in one of the two areas and start collecting large quantities of materials. Another way could instead be to enter a BRUTO mech in Team Squad mode and destroy the structures to get all 300 materials in seconds.