Fortnite X IT Chapter 2: The Existence of the Event Suggested by the Dataminer!

Fortnite X it Chapter 2

With the IT Chapter 2 movie debut now pretty near, the Fortnite: Battle Royale data miners have made rather intriguing sightings.

In analyzing the latest update published by Epic Games, some users have in fact traced files that they considered particularly interesting. In particular, as you can see from the tweets present at the bottom of this news, the user ” Unkn0wn ” reported the sighting of audio, while the user “FortTory” reported an additional new file. If the latter contains the image of a mysterious balloon, the first indicates an audio track whose protagonist is disturbing laughter.

Given the upcoming debut in IT Chapter 2, the Fortnite Community did not take long to begin to hypothesize the possible debut in the battle royale of an event dedicated to the expected film. Many players are discussing the possibility, after having christened the hypothetical event ” Fortnite X IT Chapter 2 “. The battle royale is not new to collaborations with other videogame or cinematographic brands. For example, the Fortnite X mayhem event, linked to the Borderland universe, is currently active, while in the past the Fortnite X John Wick event was held. Now, however, from Epic Games no confirmation has been received regarding collaboration with IT Chapter 2: to know if the hypotheses of the Community have a fund of truth there is nothing left to do but wait.