League of Legends Mobile Is Coming? Spotted the Smartphone Version

League of Legends Mobile

The much-rumored mobile version of League of Legends, of which the Reuters agency spoke in May, could be in the pipeline, at least judging by a leaked video on the net.

A video titled ” League of Legends mobile game test version film outflow ” is running on Chinese social networks in these hours and seems to show in detail the portable version of League of Legends, not yet officially announced by Tencent and Riot Games. Judging by the movie, the game is still in the Alpha / Beta phase and many options seem to be completely absent.

League of Legends, as is known, is a real custom phenomenon in China and Asia and Tencent could exploit this market to launch LOL on smartphones in preview and then think about the debut on the American and European market.

Despite having been partially obscured by more popular titles, League Of Legends remains one of the great protagonists of the free to play the market , with tens of millions of active players every month and a very active community always attentive to the news.