League of Legends Mobile: would some leaks confirm its existence?

League of Legends Mobile

Despite the success of League of Legends in recent years and the rise of pocket-sized MOBAs such as Vainglory and more or less successful clones, Riot Games has never announced that it would bring LoL to smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Until now.

Some leaks, in fact, would show that Riot is developing a mobile version of the game, even if the company has not confirmed anything in this sense and indeed, the latest declarations focus essentially on the renewed commitment to export.

Here’s all we know about a potential release of the League on mobile devices.

Reuters report released about three months ago stated that Tencent was working with Riot to bring League to portable devices. The development would be ” ongoing ” for over a year.

The latest porting leaks report a gameplay video of what appears to be League of Legends played on a smartphone. Show the appearance of the game’s interface, from sample selection to the runes system, gameplay remnant and HUD. Almost every element of the game seems to have been adapted and reduced in a rational manner, which would demonstrate the reliability of the leak.

Tencent, however, as we know can already count on Arena of Valor, so at the moment it is not known if and how a possible ” League of Mobile Legends ” could bring the existing MOBA towards a premature end.

Or, on the contrary, Tencent could try to conquer the Western market with LoL, since AoV has never really taken off. Obviously, there is nothing official, so we invite you to take all this information with the proverbial pliers.