Monster Hunter World: Iceborne the new trailer announces the return of the Zinogre!


The indiscretions, in the end, turned out to be true. With a spectacular trailer, Capcom announced that in Iceborne, the first and largest expansion of Monster Hunter World, the Zinogre will return, a formidable monster that long-time hunters know very well.

For the uninitiated, the Zinogre is a Wyvern Zannuto that first appeared in 2010 in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP and later returned to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It is a solitary predator with two horns on its head, a long tail. It has no wings, but on the other hand, it has very sharp claws and can control electricity.

In the shared trailer for the occasion, we can admire this mighty monster in action for the first time in the world of Monster Hunter World. The Zinogre, in any case, is not the only protagonist of the movie, since there are also several other monsters of Master rank. You can find it at the top of this news, enjoy it!

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion will need the base game to work and will be launched on September 6th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. The PC hunters, on the other hand, will have to wait until January 2020 to explore the Shore Tracks. Iceborne will introduce many new monsters: some will be completely unpublished, such as Velkhana, Banbaro and Beotodus. Others come from the past chapters of the saga, such as the Tigrex, the Barrioth and the Nargacuga.