PES 2020: Juventus’ exclusive announcement caught everyone by surprise, explains Konami

Konami Announces a Partnership with Juventus for eFootball PES 2020

In the fiery days of Gamescom, the Brand Manager of Konami’s European PES Team, Lennart Bobzien, offered GameReactor.EU colleagues their point of view on the reactions they had from the competition and from the community of football games fans to the announcement of the Juventus exclusively on PES 2020.

“I think that once we announced the exclusive partnership with Juventus, a lot of media came out with that news, since it was something that nobody expected to happen , explains Bobzien before dwelling on the media reaction , but also of the enthusiasts and of the same competition , revealing that “I know that there were several rumours that suggested the imminent announcement of the exclusive agreement with Juventus, but I believe that nobody really expected us to make sure we would secure a similar exclusive agreement, and this is an extraordinary result for us “ .

Still, with regards to the announcement of the agreement that will bring Juventus exclusively on PES 2020, the PES Team manager recalls that “as soon as the confirmation of the exclusive partnership arrived, many media came out with the news and underlined the importance of a such an agreement. If it was a huge success for us, we hit the competition a lot and this is just great to see. 

By virtue of this important partnership, Juventus on FIFA 20 will continue to have all the players officially licensed and with real names but will have to adopt a different currency from the original, will be forced to play their home games in a generic stage and, above all, it will be called Piemonte Calcio.