Pokemon Go: The Latest Update Blocks the 90/120hz on Android

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Pokemon GO has recently been updated to the 153.0 versions on iOS and Android, with a novelty that concerns the owners of smartphones with Google operating system and displays with a 90/120 Hz refresh rate.

Pokemon GO normally runs at 30 fps on all devices with 60 fps active only in AR mode, in smartphones with screens having a 90 or 120Hz refresh rate, however, this value could be forced up to 90 and 120 fps, but now not will be more possible.

The 153.0 update has in fact blocked this possibility and even on panels with a 90/120 Hz refresh rate the game runs at a value between 30 and 45 fps, in fact, it will no longer be possible to exploit the full potential of the display of your own smartphone. This is a technical choice probably made to improve the general fluidity of the game on all devices, the problem obviously does not concern the owners of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad but only Android devices.

We remind the coaches that the Pokemon GO Water Festival is still in progress and that in mid-September the eagerly awaited fifth-generation Pokemon, introduced in 2007 with Pokemon Black and White, will appear in the game.