Pokemon Masters Available for Free Download on iPhone and Android


The Pokemon Company and DeNA Corporation today announce the launch of Pokemon Masters, now available for download on iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play. The game is distributed as free to play with support (optional) for microtransactions.

” Start a new adventure in the world of Pokémon! Explore the brand new island of Pasio! There the World Pokémon Masters takes place, a tournament where you fight three against three. Aim to win it by fighting with famous Trainers and create your dream team! Form a team of three Trainers and three Pokémon, exploit the weaknesses of your opponents and inflict devastating damage! Play in multiplayer mode with friends from all over the world! you will triumph! “

The new Pokemon game has all the cards in order to conquer the fans of the mythical creatures and not only, thanks to game mechanics partially unpublished for the series, without however distorting the typical feeling of the Pokemon games.