Resident Evil Project Resistance Will Be an Online Multiplayer Game? Here Are the First Images

project resistance

This morning Capcom announced Project Resistance, a new game in the Resident Evil series that will be unveiled on September 9th during a special pre-Tokyo Game Show event. But what is it exactly?

While waiting for the official material, some very low-resolution images have been leaked out of the Biohazard YouTube channel, showing a group of characters (apparently not related to the Resident Evil series) intent on defending themselves from the attack of mysterious creatures, probably the classics zombie.

The images, although very small, seem to suggest a cooperative multiplayer game, certainly with online support, Resident Evil Outbreak style. At the moment it is difficult to know more, Capcom keeps his mouth shut and no other leak emerged on the next Resident Evil, which at this point should not be an official chapter (like Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Remake) but a spin-off multi-player oriented

The presentation is scheduled for 17:00 (Italian time) on 9 September, we just have to wait for a little over ten days to find out what Capcom has in store for fans of the Resident Evil series.