Samurai Shodown for Switch: a trailer reveals the launch date in Japan

Samurai Shodown

After landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, Samurai Shodown, the popular fighting game developed by SNK, is preparing to make its debut on Nintendo Switch , at least in Asia.

The software house announced with a trailer, reported at the beginning of the news, that Samurai Shodown in Nintendo Switch version will be available in Japan starting from November 12th 2019 . Unfortunately the release date in Europe and North America has not yet been communicated, so we can only continue to wait patiently for new communications from the developers. 
In the meantime you can enjoy the new video published by SNK , in which the main wrestlers of the fighting are shown , who here are showing off their movesets and special abilities with which it is possible to catch opponents by surprise.

Leaving you to watch the new trailer, we remind you that Samurai Shodown is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will arrive in Japan on Switch on November 12th. The title will be launched in the future also on PC, as confirmed in the past by SNK, but at the moment we have no more detailed information regarding this further edition of the game.