Sony Buys Remedy? Internal Teams Congratulate You for Launching Control

Remedy Entertainment

For a long time there has been talking of a possible acquisition of Remedy by Sony, at the moment it is only rumors that have not been confirmed but in the last few hours, following the launch of Control, the rumors are back on the web, also fueled by some Tweet from the internal studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Studies such as Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Insomniac Games (part of the Sony family after the August acquisition) and even Shuhei Yoshida complimented Remedy on Control, praising the Finnish studio for their work. These possible clues also include the collaboration of Hideo Kojima, the producer and game designer (currently working on Death Stranding) has voiced a Control character in the Japanese version of the game.

It is hard to believe that a relatively small independent studio like Remedy (supported by a medium-sized publisher like 505 Games) may have reached a name like this without the support of a major major. What is certain is that the two companies seem to be in close contact and it is not excluded that Remedy can become part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment family.

After the acquisition of Insomniac, Shawn Layden has made it known that the company is focused on ” making AAA games with a strong narrative component “, a description that seems to fit perfectly for productions like Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control.