The battle for the Twitch throne with follow shots: Tfue against Shroud

Fortnite: Tfue Case In the Cyclone of Attacks and Accusations, the Streamer Loses Followers

Since Tyler “Ninja” Blevins switched to Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, the race that will elect Twitch’s most popular streamer has obviously begun.

The throne is currently disputed between Shroud, who has set the FPS aside to concentrate on World of Warcraft (losing a bit of follower precisely for this reason) and the good Tfue.

The Fortnite Turner ” Tfue ” Tenney streamer surpassed Shroud himself and is currently the most followed on Twitch with 6.9 million followers compared to 6.8 of Shroud.

Bruscolini, however, compared to the 14.7 million Ninja, despite having been inactive for almost a month. Apart from this, Tfue is also the second-fastest-growing streamer after the final Ninja stream, with around 81,000 new followers, only behind Bugha, winner of the Fortnite world cup last July, which grew by nearly 250,000 followers.

Tfue now also leads the number of hours observed, with over 9.6 million, in front of heavyweights such as the World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold, and the former Overwatch pro-Felix ” xQc ” Lengyel and of course Shroud.

Fortnite is no longer the most popular title on Twitch, partly due to the absence of Ninja but mainly due to World of Warcraft Classic and international events related to Dota 2 and CS: GO. However, Tfue seems to have firmly control the platform’s throne.