The FIFA 20 Career will be full of news and improvements, promises EA


During an interview granted to, the head developer of FIFA 20, EA Constantinescu of EA, wanted to focus on the novelties of the FIFA 20 Career to incense the efforts made by the authors in improving every single graphic, playful and content element.

In retracing the milestones of the arduous development process of FIFA 20 Career , Constantinescu stated that “for me it is really very, very exciting to see all these news, especially since last year we had to commit more to the integration of Champions League in every element of the game to make it as authentic as possible. Looking back now, I was hoping to deal with it as quickly as possible because we had all these new features for the Career we wanted to implement but we didn’t have time to add. 

Not having to base his work on the integration of the Champions League in the main modes anymore, the EA developer thus affirms that with FIFA 20 we will see the fruits of the work accomplished on the Career: “We have created our internal toolsets for all press conferences, for example. […] Everything is driven by me and our team of producers and designers, so it is quite surprising and exciting to get this involvement in the creation of these very rich features Now that we have our set of tools available, we have the ability to create more and more and to free up precious resources so that in the coming years we will do many more things. FIFA Career is a way that will continue to grow, we will not stop here”.

For all the news of the FIFA 20 Career , on these pages you will find an in-depth look with all the improvements, optimizations and new features integrated in what, without taking anything away from the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team , will represent the queen mode of the next football simulator branded EA Sports, whose launch is scheduled for September 27th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as on Nintendo Switch in Legacy edition.