The Last of Us Part II: Rumor Suggest Very High Graphic Quality and Arrival on PS5

The Release Date of the Last of Us 2

The Last of Us Part II is certainly among the most anticipated games from the videogame community active on Playstation 4 and it is therefore not surprising that the project is frequently the protagonist of intriguing rumors.

The last of these comes from the well-known Reddit platform, on which the “TheTom8 ” user shared some interesting rumors related to production. The latter does not appear as a primary source but claims to have received the information through third parties, warning the rest of the community to interpret them with due care.

The above describes several alleged aspects of The Last of Us Part II, described as ” the greatest game in the history of Naughty Dog “. The emphasis is also on the graphic quality that should characterize the game, defined as ” incredible and impressive “, with the team engaged in exploring dynamic lighting features. Indeed, there is the talk of a new Naughty Dog engine destined to ” dominate the next generation Sony “. The user also reports details of the characters’ facial expressions, which would have a higher quality than what was seen in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. There is also talk of cutscenes indistinguishable from the gameplay and un gameplay phases able to make the players perceive tension. The Reddit user also reports on how The Last of Us II should be used by Sony to ” show the world the features that PS5 has to offer “. The graphic quality of the game would be among the reasons for choosing to associate the game with the new console. The game, it is reported, will come out anyway also on Playstation 4, as originally planned. 

As usual, we remind you that the rumors they are not official information and that to have certain details on the fate of the sequel to The Last of Us we cannot do anything but wait for communications from Sony. Rumors would like a new State of Play coming in November while bringing back gameplay shown at the top of GameStop. Curious to see the new Naughty Dog project in action?