The New Humble Bundle Is Dedicated to Horror Games With Agony, Butcher and Darkwood

The Spring Sales Have Arrived on the Humble Store

Today, the Humble Bundle launches a new package called Humble Spooky Horror Bundle 2019 and focuses on horror games, as you can easily guess from the name, with a selection of titles for PC and Mac OS.

By donating 90 cents you will have the right to download Agony, Butcher and The Town of Light while with 3.89 euros you will also add Darkwood, Beholder 2 and Pacify, finally with at least 9.02 euros Playdead’s Inside will be added to the package. With 90 cents you will get not only the three games mentioned but also the soundtrack of Butcher and a 10% discount on the first month of subscription to the Humble Monthly Bundle service.

The initiative will go on until mid-September and you still have 20 days to buy your package, when we write 12,000 bundles have been sold, we remind you that in case of purchase you will receive the activation key to unlock the individual games on Steam.

In recent years the Humble Bundle has launched numerous thematic packages at bargain prices and more recently it has also started offering PlayStation 4 games, the latter being redeemed only in the United States due to strict agreements with Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the validity of the codes generated at territorial level.