Yakuza 7 Presents Itself: First Details on the Plot and Image Gallery for the JRPG


The great universe of the Yakuza series is ready to expand: SEGA has in fact finally presented the first trailer of Yakuza 7, revealing rather surprising details.

The next iteration of the saga is, in fact, preparing to accommodate a turn-based combat system, different from the traditional approach used over the years by Nagoshi. A change that had been somewhat anticipated by what had been interpreted as an April Fool of the Yakuza team, but which has now become official. Following the presentation of Yakuza 7 to the public, SEGA has opened the official Japanese site of the game, from which some initial information emerges.

The portal, above all, offers a rich gallery of images, which introduce us to those who will be the characters and the game world of the title. The shots also immortalize what the new combat system will be, showing us a menu full of management options for our party. The new setting is also the protagonist: Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama. The area has an extension three times larger than that of the Kamurocho district of Tokyo.

Yakuza 7 will be set in 2001, in which in January the protagonist, the yakuza Ichiban Kasuga, leaves prison, after having consented to the request of his boss to take on crimes not his own and to have served a sentence of eighteen years. No one welcomes him when he is released and the young man returns to Kamurocho: the area was, however, the object of a police operation that caused the fall of the Clan Tojo. Rumors indicate that his own boss, Masumi Arakawa, played a role in transforming the neighborhood. Eager to ascertain the truth, the young man reaches the man, who, however, do not hesitate to shoot him. Later, in shock, Kasuga will wake up in a place unknown to him: a vagabond will inform him that he is now in Yokohama.