CD Projekt Red Focuses on the Development of Two Ips: Cyberunk and the Witcher

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has recently published a new report dedicated to its activities, which highlights the relevance of two of the study’s IPs.

In fact, we can read in the document how the development of video games by the software house is “based on two brands owned by the Company: The Witcher and Cyberpunk “. The commitment to the latter is defined in the report as a ” dual-franchise model “, a business model based on, in fact, two main brands. In particular, CD Projekt highlights: ” The management of two different main franchises (The Wither and Cyberpunk), together with several independent development teams, allows the Company to carry out parallel work on different projects and to regularize its long publishing agenda period “ . The “migration towards a model based on two franchises “is also presented as a tool to optimize the activities of CD Projekt Red.

In short, it seems that the Polish team is willing, even in the future, to bet significantly on these two IPs, with new dedicated chapters: a perspective that is not totally new: already in March of this year the possible publication of a new AAA game by 2021 by CD Projekt Red was discussed, but for now, the software house has not offered further details in this regard and the attention remains focused on Cyberpunk 2077, of which new details will arrive very soon thanks to the upcoming streaming appointment on August 30th .