Control: Remedy at work to solve performance problems; HDR not expected


As highlighted in the technical analysis of the console versions, the last title of Remedy suffers from serious performance problems on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: at certain specific times, the framerate collapses up to 10fps! On the two mid-gen consoles, PS4 PRO and Xbox One X, the situation is significantly better, but the problem cannot be underestimated since most of the installed base is composed of the two basic consoles. For this reason, in an official statement the Finnish company announced that it had set to work to improve Control’s performance, although, by their own admission, it will be neither simple nor fast. It may, therefore, take some time before an improvement patch is published.

The remedy is also working on improving the in-game map, which often doesn’t load completely. The introduction of support for HDR technology is not provided in any version, instead: the team prefers to focus on other features, such as the Photo Mode, coming soon.

The team’s commitment is also directed to the PC version, in particular, to support RTX technology. According to what has been stated, in any case, most of the problems encountered on the powerful NVIDIA cards can be solved with a driver update. In addition, options will soon be added to disable the film grain and the motion blur, which are very popular with PC users.

Control’s first major update, if all goes well, will be released in mid-September.