Crytek Looks to the Next-Gen: More Than 1,000 Improvements with Version 5.6 of Cryengine


The upper echelons of Crytek, the development company that gave birth to the Crysis series, confirm the launch of CryEngine version 5.6. The presentation video prepared by the German authors illustrates the innovations of the latest edition of this ambitious multi-platform graphics engine.

In this latest version, CryEngine 5 improves every aspect of the engine and the Sandbox Editor, the tool used to create video games and interactive applications in a relatively simple way by accessing all the features of the graphic engine.

The video demonstration provided by Crytek illustrates the main improvements made to the engine and confirms the Teutonic house’s next-gen ambitions with a list that includes more than 1,000 modifications, optimizations, and innovations integrated into the engine.

Among the improvements made, we cite for example the adoption of a new system in the management of ragdoll physics of enemies and characters, a new feature to render polygonal models with multi-layer materials and more advanced technology for the management of the artificial intelligence. No less important are the interventions made on the dynamic and volumetric lighting system, on the physical simulation of the behavior of fabrics and “soft” objects (from clothes to ropes) and on the GUI interface.

As well as representing an important step forward in the graphics engine in view of the next-gen and the launch of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, the new CryEngine 5 update should speed up the development of the next triple video game by Crytek realized with SpatialOS support.