Dark Souls Prepare to Build Edition: A Fan Turns Fortnite into the Game FromSoftware!

Dark Souls Prepare to Build Edition

Transforming Fortnite: Royal Battle into Dark Souls? He tried a clever gamer, who imagined the world of battle royale as a work of From Software!

The user is active on Youtube as ” LaffenGas – Fortnite ” and has published a nice creation on the platform, with which he has given life to a reinterpretation of the game of Epic Games, creating the one he has renamed ” Dark Souls: Prepare to Build Edition “. Through a substantial editing job, the player adapted the world of Fortnite, trying to transform it into a sort of Dark Souls, reproducing some features with remarkable imagination.

In this peculiar version, Fortnite welcomes sound effects and characteristic elements of the famous game from From Software. These include the possibility of making evocations and using gestures to communicate with other players. After an inevitable stop at the bonfire, the protagonist reaches the Tilted Town area, where he will face the Boss of the area. To take a look at this creation, you can view the video you find directly at the beginning of this news. What do you think?

Remaining on the subject of crossover, we remind you that the Fortnite X Mayhem event is currently active, with the Borderlands universe invading the game of Epic Games. Furthermore, the Community of the battle royale suspects the possible approach of an IT-themed eventChapter 2.

SOURCE: GamesRadar