Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Will Introduce Fortnite-Style Season Passes


Bungie continues to publish new and long posts on its official website to update all Destiny 2 fans on the upcoming news with Shadows from the Deep, the expansion that will kick off Year 3.

One of the unpublished mechanics that will be implemented from the first day of the third year of play is that of the Season Pass, which just like in Fortnite, Dauntless and many other titles in continuous support will offer players two different tracks with rewards: the first will be free for all players (including those of Destiny New Light) and the second will contain extra rewards and will be dedicated only to holders of the Annual Pass. Among the rewards we do not find only ornaments, exotic and emote goshawks, but also exotic weapons. In the case of the pass arriving with the Season of the Timeless , all players will be able to get the quest for the exotic portable cannon called Eriana’s Vow, with the only difference that the owners of the season pass will be able to access them right away, while all the others will have to reach level 35. The exotic bow Leviathan’s Breath and his company will instead be an exclusive reward for the paying players (ie who own Shadowkeep and Annual Pass).

Advancing the level in the past should not be particularly difficult and, according to the words of the developers, it will be enough to accumulate experience points and complete sizes to progress. So it seems that it is enough to continue to carry out the usual activities to get at least ten levels a week (the season will last 10 weeks and the weekly XP bonus will give a nice boost to your level 100 climb). Pass holders will also have access to a series of additional sizes whose rewards will help them gain additional experience points to level up.

The possibility of buying the levels will not be present immediately, but will only come in the final stages of the season. Bungie is, in fact, willing to find out first how the Guardians of the world will behave with the particular progression system and will not allow anyone to show off immediately the highest level rewards obtained with notes.

Waiting to find out more details about this new progression system, we remind you that Destiny 2 Ombre dal Profondo will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) starting next October 1st, 2019.

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