DOTA 2: A Champion OG Fan Showed His Support in a Curious Way

The Dota 2

The TI 2019, event richest eSport ever, has won a number of viewers more than any event DOTA 2 in history, with more than a million of Twitch glued to their screens to watch the story of ‘ former Cinderella OG who defeated PSG.LGD becoming the first bi-samples of DOTA 2.

A huge fan of OGs living in the Philippines has decided to go crazy to support the new champions, even buying a billboard to give the right luster for the victory. The fan followed the entire procedure legally, first contacting Valve to ask permission to use assets obviously owned by the giant, which gave its approval.

The curious initiative was finally realized. The boy has published two images of a billboard. The mega poster portrays the five OG players in various poses that Valve used in the graphics during World Cup games.

This is not even the first time that the fan is produced in these passionate impulses. After the OGs won the TI8 last year, the boy rented smaller advertising space to show his support.

Such gestures make us understand that South East Asia is a region characterized by an imposing and growing interest in exports (especially linked to MOBA and mobile titles).