Fables and Evil Wolves in the New Trailer Dedicated to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint!

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint!

Ubisoft has published a new and rather peculiar trailer dedicated to the Xbox One version of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which illustrates how to “survive the Wolves in five simple Fairy Tales”.

A decidedly original film, which introduces us to the features of the new chapter of the videogame series and to the techniques necessary to lead our character to victory. Using a narrative style linked to the world of traditional fairy tales and partially animated graphics, Ubisoft offers us a trailer for Ghost Recon: a decidedly unusual breakpoint! Obviously, the latter could only begin with the canonical ” Once upon a time “, to introduce us to the dangers that we will face once we landed on the Island of Auroa. As per tradition, you can view the trailer directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think? 

We take the opportunity to remind you that the “Wolves “waiting for you in Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have a dreaded Cold as their guide . D. Walker, ex-ghost who has gathered around him a sort of private army. Ubisoft presented this faction to us in E3 2019, with the trailer titled “We Are the Wolves. The game is once again the protagonist at Gamescom: during the Cologne Fair, our Daniele D’Orefice described to you in a wealthy tried Ghost War mode of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.