Gears 5 is inspired by the best open world RPGs but with originality, explains Rod Fergusson

Gears 5

As we have discovered with our exclusive Gears 5 Campaign Reveal, the next chapter of the Gears of War shooter series will boast a fairly strong free-roaming component. In this regard, Rod Fergusson explains the approach adopted by The Coalition in shaping the open world of Sera.

Discussing the subject with the editing of GameSpot, the Canadian software house boss said that “it was a real challenge to approach the idea of introducing gameplay dynamics based on open-world role-playing games, with really great levels that require of time to be explored To branch out the narrative and the different activities, it was useful that many in the studio had experiences with titles like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, because they knew how an open-world game should work even if in Gears 5 we don’t it will be no tower to climb! ” .

The passion nurtured by the developers of The Coalition for open-world titles allowed Fergusson and the company executives to quietly embrace the idea of Gears 5’s free-roaming novelties, as the Vancouver company boss himself says that “we only knew that we weren’t trying to create another Red Dead, Far Cry or Ghost Recon, but we just wanted to understand how to make the world of our game more open and expansive without stumbling in comparison with Ubisoft’s free-roaming titles. Why Gears 5 it won’t be just that kind of game, but a title that will draw inspiration from a genre that offers more freedom of choice to the user”.

At the launch of Gears 5, scheduled for September 10th on Xbox One and PC (here you will find the system requirements), we will understand to what extent the boys following Fergusson will have pushed themselves to erect a scaffold of the game devoted to free-roaming.